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Here at Longbreeze Distributors we’re trying to revolutionise the beer drinking game, where you can go out to have a good time, drink good beer and still wake up feeling great!

Or if you prefer to have No Alcohol at all, then you can still sit back, relax and enjoy a few cold refreshing CRAFT BEER’s that are Alcohol Free < 0.5% VOl.

Specially chosen and sourced from the Netherlands is Vanderstreek’s IPA Craft Beer, with its unique Columbus-Mosaic-Citra-Cascade Hops giving it a truly wonderful taste that won’t easily be forgotten.

Then we have been fortunate enough to team up with Big Drop Breweries to bring their famous 4 to New Zealand for the very first time - Citrus IPA, Pale Ale, Craft Larger and Milk Stout.

Then recently we have lucky enough to find Mikkeller Brewer’s to partner with us here in NZ with some of there amazing Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers that have to be tasted to be appreciated!

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Limited Time Offer

Here's your chance to get a mix of Award Winning Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers from around the world.......for Dry JULY...

We’ve put together a Special Mixed case of 24 of all our favourites from:

British Brewer’s Big Drop’s - IPA and Milk Stout to

The famous Dutch Breweries VANDESTEEK’s IPA and Grapefruit IPA then onto

The Mikkeller Brewer’s of Denmark with there wonderfully brewed Hazy IPA and Wheat Ale a must try!

Lastly the newly released Kiwi guys brewing the Naked Mole with a NZ HAZY Beer, all natural.

So that's 7 Different Non Alcoholic Craft Beers in a case of 24; 3 of each + 3 varied making up the enjoyable 24 beers! Perfect to enjoy anytime of the day !!

Enjoy this special for dry July for only $85.90, including delivery!!!

Your Support for our small local business would be much appreciated.

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